White Out Contact Lenses

White Out Contact Lenses. The blind lens partially or completely block your vision. The blind lens partially or completely block your vision.

White Out Contact Lenses 1 Day Use Zombie Halloween
White Out Contact Lenses 1 Day Use Zombie Halloween from pageantparty.co.uk

Take the lens out from the packet gently after washing and drying your hands. Looking to transform your eyes with a pair of crazy white out contact lenses? Within the range, you can buy white contact lenses that can be used to replicate iconic horror movie characters.

Make Others Go Tripping At The Halloween Eve With Our Epic Selection Of White Crazy Contacts.

So stunning and can bring you charm and unique feeling. An white iris with black pupil in the centre of this awesome contact lens. Completely opaque & boasting grotesque designs, our collection of white contacts leave everyone appalled.

With This Amazing Costume Accessory Your Eyes Will Look Almost Completely White, With Just Pupil Staying Black.

White out (blind contacts) quantity. The white out colored prescription contact lenses are sure to give you the perfect ghostly appearance for your next costume. All theses wholesale lenses contain white which overlays the natural base to create a scary look.

White Out Colour Contact Lenses.

Create all kinds of monsters and ghouls using these contacts. White out (blind contacts) rated 4.67 out of 5. Power range 0.00 diameter 14.5mm water content 42% thickness 0.08mm texture polymacon base curve 8.6mm period of use 12 months shelf life 5 y

Other Bestsellers Out There Are The White Manson Contacts Which Have A Black Ring On The Outer Part Of The Lens Suitable For Enhancing Possessed Or Monster Looks And Meshwork Contacts Which Have A Meshwork On The Whole Lens And Would Look Great With Ghost.

Whiteout contact lenses are kind of colored contact lens where the contact lenses are colored with block white pigmentation. White out halloween contact lenses featureit helps change the color of pupils, makes your eyes look bigger and get you more beautiful.applicable to both light & Mmw1 a beautiful white out lens.

The Blind Lens Partially Or Completely Block Your Vision.

White out halloween contact lenses would look great with zombie, monster or vampire looks! White colored lenses are able to complement many cosplay costume make you stand out in a crowd! These dramatic contact lenses cover your natural eye color, leaving just your pupil visible.

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