Prescription Special Fx Contacts

Prescription Special Fx Contacts. Unfortunately, the special effects lenses are not available in a prescription that includes astigmatism therefore if you have astigmatism you will not be able to wear the special effects contact lenses. Over 100 lenses to choose from.

Elf Special Effect Contact Lens
Elf Special Effect Contact Lens from

Don't fall victim to others! The center of the lens lies over your pupil and lets you see clearly. These popular lenses will cover your iris in a white colour, giving you a soulless, angelic expression.

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These popular lenses will cover your iris in a white colour, giving you a soulless, angelic expression. A contact lenses prescription is not the same as an eyeglass (spectacles) prescription. Get ready to incorporate them into your next halloween.

Whether You Want To Be A Zombie Or A Vampire, Witch Or Monster, Wicked Eyez Has You Covered!

From the cullen’s to the newborn’s and the volturi to the nomadic, these special effects contacts are sure to make you look the part. Halloween contact lenses are here! If you ever wanted to peer through the same evil eyes as your favorite demon, then look no further!

Create All Kinds Of Monsters And Ghouls Using These Contacts.

Make your friends jealous at your next halloween party with the ultimate halloween accessory, wicked eyez. Bringing witches, wizards, zombies and demons to life with terifyingly realsitic eye colour transofrmations, they are the ultimate accessorry for anyone attending a haunted house, ghostly walk or halloween party on october 31. Manson $22.00 black out $22.00 new moon (red twilight) $22.00 lestat $22.00 black wolf $22.00 berzerker $22.00 angelic white $22.00 louis $22.00 fire $22.00 rave green $29.50 rave yellow $29.50 red wolf $22.00 banshee $22.00 rave pink $29.50 red cat $29.50 ice walker $34.99.

Purple & Violet Fx Contacts;

Rated 5.00 out of 5. Exorcist, hellraiser, jeepers creepers, and supernatural. Make for a hot effect for demons, devils, werewolves, mythological creatures or cosplay characters.

These Prescription Special Effects Contacts Are Part Of The Popular Blind Effects Range Which Will Completely Cover Your Natural Eye Color And Pupil But Will Leave You With Vision.

While we may be slightly biased towards our range of special effects contact lenses, we really do believe that we are one of the best fx contact lenses uk store around! Don't buy contact lenses from a flea market, street vendor, beauty salon, halloween store or similar setting. As a contact lens replacement center, we can only sell you contact lenses that you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully.

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