Green Sclera Contacts

Green Sclera Contacts. These special effect lenses are known as fx contact lenses too. Push costume to extreme with 22.0mm sclera contacts and save up to 60% off with black friday bundle deal.

Green Cynosure Sclera Contacts
Green Cynosure Sclera Contacts from

With options like reptile, zombie, rave, and more, we have contacts for any outfit you want to wear. Secure the contact because a sclera lens is bigger than the normal lens, place the sclera lens on two figures for better stability. Unleash your spooky side, wearing 100% opaque high quality scleral contact lenses.

So Stunning And Can Bring You Charm And Unique Feeling.

Princess pinky green goblin mini sclera inspired by the iconic supervillain green goblin, these lenses feature a super bright green color and black detailing all around the lens. Our sclera contact lenses send shivers down the spine and hold your victim petrified. You should have some experience with contact lenses before wearing it.this colored contact lens is best used.

Green Werewolf Contact Lenses (1 Pair) Green Werewolf Contact Lenses (1 Pair) In Stock.

Wearing sclera contacts lenses can add a significant special effect to your eyes in a costume party, anime conventions, cosplay events. These colored contacts have an optimal water level, too, for making your eyes remain hydrated and feel fresh throughout the day. Page 1 of 22 results.

Green Contact Lenses Reptilla Are Part Of The Collection Sclera Lenses 22.00 Mm.

Contact lenses sclera reptilla are part of the collection sclera. Sclera lenses are bigger than mini sclera lenses (17.00 mm). Their large diameter of 17mm allows them to create an extraordinary appearance that is not possible with traditional contacts.

Dip Some Contacts Eyedrops Into The Cup Size Of The Sclera Lens For Better Moisturizing Your Eyes After The Sclera Is On.

Solar green contact lenses (1 pair) solar green contact lenses (1 pair) in. If you nod as a yes, then we, at lenses sclera, will be glad to help. Our sclera contact lenses send shivers down the spine and hold your victim petrified.

Get A Pair Or Two And See What A Difference You Can Make To Your Halloween Or Costume Party Outfit.

Place 3x pairs in cart, no code required. Scleral contact lenses are known to curdle blood in the veins. Power range 0.00 diameter 22.0mm water content 42% thickness 0.08mm texture polymacon base curve 8.6mm period of use 12 months shelf life 5 years packaging 1 pair (2 lenses) *packaging updating.

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