Glowing Eye Contacts

Glowing Eye Contacts. These red contact lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear. It’s probably the surest way to steal the limelight and have all eyes looking your way.

iGlow Blue UV Contact Lenses (Pair) Fruugo Uv contact
iGlow Blue UV Contact Lenses (Pair) Fruugo Uv contact from

We are always happy to talk so please get in touch should you wish to talk to us regarding any of our games or job vacancies. They put your halloween costume, party gear, or club outfit over the top! Whether you want to be a zombie or a vampire, witch or monster, wicked eyez has you covered!

How Do Glow In The Dark Contacts Work?

U v reactive contact lenses are manufactured with a luminescent material between the 2 layers of the lens. Will glow under uv light; We have unique and glowing lenses for that perfect wild and brilliant look, using uv light to create enchantment.

Pink, Green, Yellow & Blue Rave Contact Lenses Glow Under The Uv Light.

These would also work well in demon, dragon or other costumes, you simply have. Our lenses sparkle in the dark when exposed to uv light, giving them a lively appearance. Your eyes will be glowing and only you’ll be knowing how you got that magic happening for you.

Don't Fall Victim To Others!

Uv glow lenses are the only lens in the market which uses effective glow inks that react under uv light, making for a glowing night out in any night club. Our contact lenses are fda approved and very comfortable to wear due to their high 38% water content. Suitable for a range of different outfits

Manufactured In Accordance With The Eu Cosmetics Directive;

Red eye contacts can be worn in lots of different ways and make it easy to create a stunning costume. When the glow contacts are exposed to ultraviolet, uv light or light emitted from a black light, they then glow in a neon type luminescence. The plain bright glow colours also look great without uv activation or in daylight.

When The Lenses Are Exposed To Blacklight, The Material Reacts With The Light, And Makes Them “Glow.” Do Glow In The Dark Contacts Come In Prescription Strengths?

Another option is the red wolf eye that creates a fiery red and yellow lens perfect for those who want to make werewolf costumes. They glow under uv light and look great in normal light too. Funky contact lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear.

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